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Are you recruiting? Or simply hiring?

January 31, 2010

How can you tell? Why should you care? In a post titled The Difference Between Hiring and Recruiting, Seth Godin describes the differences…

“Hiring is what you do when you let the world know that you’re accepting applications from people looking for a job.

Recruiting is the act of finding the very best person for a job and persuading them to stop doing what they’re doing and come join you.

Hiring is easy and fast and is basically a retail operation.

Recruiting is artful and slow and is essentially a direct marketing effort.”

He’s dead on.

I’ve been thinking about this statement a lot over the past few months. You see, in the retail automotive business, turnover and hiring are a way of life. Many dealer’s hiring strategies are a result of the “golden days” when salesman were lining up for the chance to sell cars and make money. They simply throw an add in the classifieds, hire ten new salesman, hope two or three of them stick around and repeat once a month. As Seth says, a retail operation.

This approach needs to change if today’s dealerships are going to be successful.

Having this conversation with dealership management over the past few months, I get asked the same questions… “How can I get more applicants?”, “How can I get quality applicants?”, “Where are all of these unemployed people looking for a job?”, “Where do I get more productive sales people?” You get the idea. They’re all looking for more quality applicants but most don’t know where to look or how to approach them beyond the only thing they know.

So, what approach should dealers take towards recruiting?

Seek Them Out. You must go to where the quality job seekers go. If you put your ad in the classified section, you’ll get classified ad results. Recruiting takes effort but the results you get will make it worth the time and money you’ve invested.

  • College Career Fairs – If you’re looking for talented, energetic, new blood that is eager to learn and show off their talents you should be investing in career fairs, specifically the ones aimed at colleges.
  • Online Advertisments – Post ads on the usual job sites (Careerbuilder, Monster, etc.)
  • LinkedIn – I posted this separate from the other job sites because there is so much more to it. The talent is better too. Think about it, if someone is taking the time and effort to create an online resume profile, they’re going to be a much better worker than someone who just jumps at a classified ad hoping to make some fast cash with little effort. Visit LinkedIn and learn more about job postings.
  • Facebook – Aside from LinkedIn, which you should also use to network and find quality applicants, you should look into a Careers Page on Facebook. It’s a great way to let your employees share how much they love working for you as well as to let job seekers stay in the loop with your company and available opportunities. Ford Motor Company has a great example HERE.

Send the Right Message. An ad that says little more about the position than “Commission Pay, Flexible Hours, Signing Bonus” is elusive and misleading. If a job seeker sets expectations based on the message you are sending about the ad, he will soon be disappointed when he finds the position is not that at all. In the car business, that issue is usually the long hours which are anything but “flexible”. Take the time to lay out a full job description and make it available in the areas I mentioned above. You may get a few less leads, but the ones you get will be higher quality. And that is the point.

Use Your Employees. Nothing says more about the working environment you provide than the people who work there. Involve your employees in the efforts above. Bring them to Career Fairs, let them be a part of the discussion and write about your company on Facebook and LinkedIn. If they’re happy, let them describe why they work for you. Let the tell why they love their jobs. Everyone from the janitor to the General Manager. Get it on video. One of my dealers, Nelson Mazda in Nashville, TN produced this video with employee testimonials about their dealership. It not only sells the way they do business, but that the employees truly love where they work. Your employees are your business, let them show it off.

These are a few steps in the right direction, but by no means the way to recruit better employees. Have a different idea? Leave a comment below.

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