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Bring It, 2010.

January 16, 2010

Bring It, 2010The worst year many of us have seen (particularly those of us in the Auto Industry) is history. While it is important to look at the outcomes of the year and find things to correct in the future, this time, it’s just as important to forget about 2009. It’s over. Don’t bring any of the negativity into January. Don’t bring it into 2010.  Accomplishing goals only happens with a positive mindset. It’s getting better. Businesses in every industry are improving. Confidence in the economy is rising every day.  Try a new approach in 2010. Set goals, push back and make them happen.

So, speaking of goals…what are yours? It’s a new year. Perfect time to clean the slate and set some.  I like goals instead of resolutions. Instead of throwing out some random idea because everyone else is, goal setting is the framework to achieving and improving in a specific area of your life, career, business, etc.

I took some time in the past couple weeks to put together my a GoalBox for 2010 (Idea Courtesy of Chris Brogan – It’s a simple Google Doc spreadsheet which lists my goals downward and each month of the year across the top. My GoalBox has career goals, personal development goals, fitness goals, charitable goals and a few others. Yours may be entirely different. As long as you keep them in front of you throughout the year and use the goals as a legitimate measurement tool, you’ll succeed. Don’t just make it a one time  task and forget it. Live by it.

One of my personal development goals is actually this blog. Since I started it nearly a year ago, I haven’t been consistent with my posts. When I started my new job with Mazda in the spring, I kind of gave up on it and haven’t posted since June!  This is officially the “relaunch”. My goal is to increase the number of posts I make each month. Once I’ve established consistency, I’ll decide where I want to go next. So, if you don’t see me posting for a while, get after me about it (@bencoy).

My philosophy for 2010 is to focus on the positives, be thankful and work hard at improving myself. Take the negativity head on. Bring it, 2010. I’m ready.

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