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June 11, 2009

If you’re planning to accomplish or learn anything there are always six questions you have to ask yourself at the outset – “Who?”, “What?”, “When?”, “Where?”, “Why?” … and “How?”  Despite what Nike says, you can’t “just do it” and get it right.  You have to have goals and a vision to implement and get to where you want to be.  The first five questions are easy…it’s “How?” that will get in your way.  I heard this statement in a sermon at church the other day.  I think it applies to pretty much everything in life:

“How?” is the question that kills visions and dreams.

“How?” produces fear instead of faith.

“How?” is the question that always produces excuses.

See, it’s easy to envision success, committment, goals, etc…your ultimate idea of what you want to do or where you want to be.  The trouble comes when you ask yourself “How?” because that holds you accountable to stop planning and start implementing.  It also allows you to convince yourself that something’s not possible or that you’re not quite good enough to pull it off.

You can’t ignore “How?” because then you’re just stuck with plans.  You can’t concentrate too much on “How?” because then you’ll never take the necessary risks to make it reality.

You already know what you want to do, who can help you do it, where you’ll be able to do it, when you want to accomplish it and why it should happen.  If you’re still wondering how you can possibly make it realityStop doubting and start doing.  You already know the answer. Go make it happen.


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